Wool is one of the most widely used materials in making various fabrics, and its usage dates back to ancient times. The range of fabrics made of wool also includes the Cavalry Twill. 

Common Applications

Hard Weaving Trousers, Dresses, Coats, Raincoats, Skirts, Suits, Uniforms, Bedding



A right-hand twilled fabric with parallel double ribbed lines, often used for riding breeches

Wool is one of the most widely used materials in making various fabrics, and its usage dates back to ancient times. The range of fabrics made of wool also includes the Cavalry Twill. This fabric is made of worsted spun wool warp and consisted of a woolen weft that has been firmly milled and woven to emphasize the enticing steep double twill lines present on the fabric’s face.

The best Cavalry Twill fabrics are made of 100% wool, and manufacturers often use Marion Wool. At the same time, there are also some cheap quality Cavalry Twill fabrics available in the market. The cheaper Cavalry Twill is often made of viscose or cotton and has comparatively inferior quality than the ones made of original wool.




The idea behind the Cavalry Twill fabric originated from the military because the military cavalrymen often wore this fabric. The name Cavalry has been derived from the same military cavalrymen, which indicates this fabric’s roots.

Later, the Cavalry Twill was recognized by fashion industries worldwide, and now this fabric is one of the most widely used fabric for various purposes for making garments.


Cavalry Twill is a sturdy woven fabric with a steepfirm warp-faced suiting that has a steep twill weave with double twill lines separated by pronounced grooves that are formed by the weftIt has a pronounced double twill line. Often of cotton or wool but may be any fiber.

This strong, rugged cloth is made with a pronounced raised cord on a 63-degree twill weave. The weaves used for calvary twill and elastique are the same. Cavalry twill has a somewhat coarser rib effect than elastique, which is smoother.

Cavalry Twill is categorized as a warp-faced twill. Other warp-faced twills that you might know are: Chino, Covert, Denim, Drill, Fancy Twill, Gabardine and Lining Twill. Because the Cavalry Twill fabric has double twill lines separated by grooves it is aheavy weight fabric.




  • Durability – This is one of the most prized advantages of twill weave. Its strength and durability make it ideal for workwear and furniture.
  • Great drape – Twill weave drapes beautifully due to the diagonal ribs. This means that many thick fabrics still hand nicely for garments and they are soft to touch.
  • High thread count – This makes the fabric strong and long-lasting.
  • Stain-resistant – The diagonal ribs don’t attract stains and dirt easily which is why it is commonly used for workwear.

Used For

Cavalry twill is a fabric that is traditionally made of wool. It is a firm, durable twill weave cloth that can be characterised by the pronounced diagonal wales. It is very hard-wearing and was used to make riding breeches, and raincoats.

What are twill pants?

When you see the term ‘twill’ it is essentially referring to the way a woven fabric is made. Denim and chinos are technically also twill pants, however, the difference is in the dying of the threads and the weaving of the threads.

Twill fabric is made by weaving of two or more warp (vertical) threads over two or more weft (horizontal) threads, which will create a diagonal pattern. The diagonal weave is visible on the front of twill pants.

Pants made in this way helps create a strong stitch that makes for strong material. When cotton or cotton-blends are manufactured like this they become more resistant to wrinkling and maintain their shape better after being washed.

Is twill good for summer?

Cotton is a great fabric for the warmer months. As a natural fiber, it is breathable, light-weight and absorbs sweat well. Twill pants are mostly made of cotton or cotton-blends, and thus are a great option when you need to stay cooler in the summer heat.

When buying twill pants for summer, choose designs in light and bright colors. These colors help reflect the heat of the sun, while darker tones will absorb the heat of the sunrays.

Wearing pants during summer will additionally aid in protecting you from the UV of the sun by simply covering more of your skin.







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