Cool Touch Viscose Fabric: Redefining Comfort in Uniforms

The world of fabric technology is constantly evolving, providing us with revolutionary materials that not only enhance our comfort but also improve our daily experiences. One such game-changer in the field of uniform fabrics is Cool Touch Viscose Fabric, a groundbreaking material specially designed for cooling, perfect for Formula 1 shirts, scrubs, workwear, and corporate uniforms.


The Magic of Cool Touch Viscose Fabric

Viscose, a semi-synthetic fiber, is renowned for its silk-like feel, glossy appearance, and breathability. With Cool Touch Viscose, we’ve taken these inherent properties a step further by adding a unique cooling feature. This specially designed fabric absorbs and disperses heat, offering the wearer a soothing, ‘cool touch’ effect, even in high-temperature environments.

High-Performance Fabric for High-Performance Environments

The demanding and high-stress environment of Formula 1 racing requires uniforms that not only reflect the team’s identity but also provide the utmost comfort to the wearer. With Cool Touch Viscose Fabric, F1 teams can enjoy uniforms that keep their members cool under pressure. Its excellent moisture management property ensures sweat is quickly wicked away, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable throughout the race.

Redefining Comfort in Medical Attire

Healthcare professionals often have to endure long, strenuous hours in their scrubs. With Cool Touch Viscose, they can experience unprecedented comfort. The fabric’s cooling properties make it an ideal choice for medical attire, providing a constant soothing effect, enhancing the wearer’s comfort throughout their shift.

Reinventing Workwear and Corporate Uniforms

Workwear and corporate uniforms aren’t just about showcasing your brand; they’re about providing comfort and promoting productivity among employees. Cool Touch Viscose can transform the experience of wearing these uniforms. Its cooling effect, coupled with its soft and silky texture, ensures the wearer remains comfortable, focused, and ready to tackle the tasks of the day.

Sustainability at its Core

As a derivative of cellulose, viscose is inherently more environmentally friendly than fully synthetic fibers. Cool Touch Viscose aligns with the growing push towards more sustainable materials in the fashion and textile industry. By choosing uniforms made from Cool Touch Viscose, you’re not just opting for comfort and high performance, but also making a conscious choice for our planet.


In a world where work environments are becoming more challenging and temperatures are on the rise, Cool Touch Viscose steps up as the fabric of choice for uniforms.