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  • It looks like ordinary T-shirt material and uses technology that causes it to emit mid-infrared radiation to reduce wearer’s temperature
  • Team designed the ‘metafabric’ to help people cope in a world increasingly feeling the effects of climate change
New ‘mirror’ cooling fabric can cool wearers by nearly 5°C

It’s Getting Hot

Textile engineers have developed a fabric woven out of ultra-fine nano-threads made in part of phase-change materials and other advanced substances that combine to produce a fabric that can respond to changing temperatures to heat up and cool down its wearer depending on need.

Cooling Materials Are Demanded In The Weather Like Malaysia

Materials scientists have designed an advanced textile with nano-scale threads containing in their core a phase-change material that can store and release large amounts of heat when the material changes phase from liquid to solid. Combining the threads with electrothermal and photothermal coatings that enhance the effect, they have in essence developed a fabric that can both quickly cool the wearer down and warm them up as conditions change.

A paper describing the manufacturing technique appeared in ACS Nano on August 10.

Many occupations, from firefighters to farmworkers, involve harsh hot or cold environments. Cold storage, ice rinks, steel forges, bakeries, and many other job sites require workers to make frequent transitions between different and sometimes extreme temperatures. Such regular temperature changes are not only uncomfortable but can cause illness or even injury, and require a cumbersome constant change of clothing. A sweater will keep a worker warm in a cold meat locker, but could overheat the same worker when they leave that space.

New ‘mirror’ cooling fabric can cool wearers by nearly 5°C
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Is Rayon Breathable? It depends.

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber with moderate breathability that dries quickly, but on the downside, it does not wick away moisture as well as polyester or nylon, and many rayon garments require dry cleaning. We recommend choosing a more natural textile fiber on a hot day.

New ‘mirror’ cooling fabric can cool wearers by nearly 5°C
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